Do you only like the Red Teddy Bears? Yellow Swirly Fish? or the Blue Fizzy Chips? We've got you covered! With all the popular sweets sorted into colours, you'll never have to pick out the ones you don't like again! - Yes, we've even split the Jelly Beans!

What's your favourite colour?


Available Colours ~ Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink  and Orange.


Pick Your Size:

Medium Pouch - Snack size (250g)

Large Pouch - Good to share... Or not (500g)

Mega Pouch - For the ultimate sweet lover! (1Kg)


Medium Jar (350g)

Large Jar (750g)


What's in the mix?



  • Green Fizzy Chips
  • Green Swirly Fish
  • Green Jelly Beans
  • Green Jelly Sharks
  • Green Pencil Bites
  • Green Jelly Turtles
  • Green Smiley Faces
  • Apple Belts
  • Apple + Watermelon Bonbons
  • Terrific Turtles
  • Green Teddy Bears
  • Green Jelly Flowers


Every product will include a full list of contents, ingredients and allergens.

Colour My World ~ GREEN

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